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Client Testimonials

“I have worked with ITS and used their services for over 9 years.  I have always found their work product to be exceptional, accurate and timely.  They have assisted with ensuring we have complied with AQMD’s Rule 2202 offering insightful suggestions to help us meet rule requirements.  I would highly recommend ITS to any company looking to engage an expert in Rule 2202 compliance or transportation demand management services.”

Jay Vecchione | Experian | Employee Transportation Coordinator

"My experience with William McCaughey and his staff has been very positive.  They continue to demonstrate a true understanding of Metro’s program needs. They have successfully met their contractual goals and have delivered on all tasks outlined in our Scope of Work while consistently operating within their established budget.”

Paula Carvajal | Metro Regional Rideshare | Transportation Planning Manager

"Because of the exceptional services and staff of ITS, we have been able to meet our Commission's goals by encouraging commuters to carpool, vanpool, use public transit, cycle or walk to work."

Kelly Lynn | SBCTA | Chief of Air Quality and Mobility Programs

"I personally have worked with William McCaughey and his staff for over 10 years. They have the ability to work effectively and collaborate with multiple agencies, which often times have competing priorities. Our working relationship has been a positive one as they have always provided outstanding customer service and support to VCTC."

Alan Holmes | VCTC | Transportation Demand Management Program Manager

"The ITS staff always demonstrated a high level of character, professionalism, and industry knowledge. Our overall experience with the ITS Staff has been phenomenal."

Patricia Ibarra | Loma Linda University Health | ETC

"The County of San Bernardino, Human Resources Department has contracted with Inland Transportation Services (ITS) since 1993. We value and enjoy our working relationship with ITS and highly recommend ITS to any employer considering their services.."

Keisha Butler | County of San Bernardino, HR Department | Benefits Manager

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