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Our Business is Your Business

ITS is a locally and nationally recognized TDM consulting firm with extensive experience in the innovation, management, implementation, and administration of regional rideshare programs. ITS has been in business since 1989 and was founded by William C. McCaughey, the firm’s President and owner. ITS is a sole proprietorship with one office located in Riverside, California. ITS employs a staff of 10.


No other private TDM consulting firm has the depth and breadth of experience, nor the employee tenure, that ITS brings to this effort. Collectively, the ITS Team has more than 165 years of direct TDM experience - an average of about 13 years per staff member. The average tenure of an ITS employee is approximately 10 years.


ITS has been providing superior services to for 28 years. We are consistently recognized for our integrity and dedication, innovation, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

ITS’ office is located at 7355 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside, CA 92504. Also known as “The Holden House,” the home was originally designed and built in 1923 by renowned architect Robert Spurgeon for Arthur and Virginia Holden. While working in cooperation with the city, ITS completely restored the property from 2001-2003.  Today “The Holden House” is City of Riverside Historical Landmark No. 107.

Meet our President

Mr. McCaughey has developed and managed projects that have received 17 local, regional and nationally recognized awards.  Recognition from agencies such as:


  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • State of California Department of Transportation (DOT)

  • South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)

  • Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT).


Mr. McCaughey’s experience, success and integrity has been paramount in consistently being awarded contracts for county agencies in Southern California.


 Mr. McCaughey is a Director on the local ACT Board and previously served four terms. He also served on the ACT National Board for three terms and was Chairperson of one of ACT National Annual Conferences.


Mr. McCaughey was awarded the Bob Owens ACT National Award and the Governor’s Leadership in Transportation Award.


Mr. McCaughey’s strong leadership and project management skills allow his team to conduct their work and tasks in a professional, accurate, courteous, effective and efficient manner. He closely manages his team’s performance, reviews team and individual results, and conducts monthly staff meetings to brainstorm and improve upon processes being implemented to successfully grow the programs. Overall, Mr. McCaughey is responsible for his team’s completion of respective projects/tasks and goals either met or exceeded.


Meet our TDM experts

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